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Welcome to Leprosy Control Division

Leprosy Control Division is one of the divisions of Department of Health Services which is responsible for planning and implementation of leprosy control programs. It also ensures technical support regarding Leprosy is provided to regional health directorates and district health offices.

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1. Form for the house-house case Search Activity View
2. Form: To record the list of new case detection after the search View
3. Form: Reporting Case View
4. Transfer Application Form View
5. Property Details Form View
6. Upgrading Application Form View
7. Promotion Application Form View
8. Leave Application Form View
9. Abnormal Leave Application Form View
10. Performance Evaluation Form for Health (Non-Gazetted) View
11. Performance Evaluation Form for Health (Gazetted) View
1. Leprosy Control Programme National Implementation Guidelines View
2. Guidelines for Leprosy Elimination Campaign in Sub National Level View
3. Leprosy Control Programme Guidelines 2073-74 View

Health Sector Plans/Policies/Acts/Strategies

1. National Health Policy 2071 View
2. National Health Support Strategy, English View
3. National Health Support Strategy, Nepali View
4. Collaborative Framework View
5. Second Long Term Health Plan, 1997 – 2017 View
6. Nepal Health Sector Programme – Implementation Plan (NHSP-IP) View

Leprosy Control Program

1. Hamro Sawal, 4th Year, 6th Edition, Baisakh 2074 (April 2017) View
2. Policy, Strategy and 10 Years Action Plan on Disability Management (Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation) 2073-2082 View
3. Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-2020 View

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Leprosy Control Division
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